Ferguson's SC Artillery Company



Artillery Bugle Calls

A soldier's day was dictated by the dreaded bugler, and some reenactments are fortunate enough to have a musician who assumes this role. Click on the bugler for some of the bugle calls that an artillerist would hear.


According to diaries, the reveille was the first daily call while on campaign. It might have been preceded by 
Assembly of the Buglers if in garrison. It was sounded at break of day, the exact time at the commander's discretion.

Assembly of the Buglers

Known as "First Call," it precedes a sequence of calls leading to a group activity, so would be the first in a series of calls.


Signal for companies to form on the company streets.

Adjutants Call

Breakfast Call

Cook and prepare rations.

Dinner Call

The main daily meal.

Fatigue Call

Signal for work details such as water, wood, etc.

In Battery

To The Colors

Signal for companies to march from the company streets to the parade ground for ceremonies.

Commence Firing

Cease Firing


Afternoon roll call. Preceded by Assembly of the Buglers.



Evening roll call. Preceded by Assembly of the Buglers.


Extinguish lights. This is appropriate only for a period after 1862.