Ferguson's SC Artillery Company




As with other hobbies, one can spend as much as he or she would like, and reenactors are no different. When you attend your first reenactment, you will see that there are "minimalists" who can carry everything on their backs, and there are camps with many of the comforts of home.  An infantry reenactor has to purchase a uniform and gun, the latter of which may cost over $700; an artillery reenactor needs a uniform, and a cannon.  A new cannon, carriage, limber and implements, to say nothing of the necessary trailer, can be had for around $25,000.  It is fortunate for our recruits that our cannon, carriage, limber and chest, implements and trailer were purchased long ago, are equally and jointly owned by the members of Ferguson's Artillery Company, and a recruit who joins Ferguson's will be an equal owner without any cash "buy in."  At each event, we collect $15 a day from each member who mans the gun, to pay for the blackpowder and primers which will be expended in the battles.  Our yearly dues are $35, which cover administrative costs and miscellaneous expenses.  Recruits can usually be outfitted with loaner clothes from our members, until the recruit purchases his own.  The first acquisition should be a pair of shoes, which can be had new for $75 to $100.  A complete new uniform, except for shoes, can be had for $190 from an online vendor, or, second hand uniform items can be found inexpensively from reenactors who have outgrown them or upgraded.  Members of Ferguson's Artillery will help the recruit outfit himself with the appropriate uniform to avoid any wasted funds.  All of us have both Union and Confederate uniform items, since reenactors often are asked to portray one or the other.   A recruit may want to follow the example of some of our members and forego the expense of a tent (about $135); sleeping by the campfire wrapped in blankets was common among the soldiers.  Personal items such as a canteen, haversack, cup, plate, utensils, etc are inexpensive and will last your entire reenactment career.