Ferguson's SC Artillery Company


                                                                       The Reenacting Hobby


If you are considering the hobby of historical reenacting for the first time, and with Ferguson's Artillery in particular, you likely already share many of our members' interests.  In general, we enjoy history, especially military history, and most particularly that of the War years of 1861 to 1865.  We like to learn, and we like to teach.  Ferguson's members are social individuals, because ours is a social hobby, and a cannon crew requires teamwork and mutual trust.  We enjoy the outdoors, because we sleep in tents or on the ground in all types of weather, as did our forefathers.  Of course, we like cannons, and we take pride in the dictum that "the Artillery is the Queen of the Battlefield."  


 If you are not new to reenacting, but come to Ferguson's from another artillery unit or a different branch of the service, you know that accuracy standards vary widely amongst reenactors.  Some hobbyists just like to shoot cannons (who doesn't?) and their focus is on that aspect; others are purists who strive to improve their uniform, speech, mannerisms, dress, menu, camp and drill with each event, hoping to develop an impression which would not be out of place in the original time period.  Ferguson's Artillery members lie somewhere between these two extremes of reenactors, as do most.  We have some minimum expectations of dress and camp appearance, and our members will help the recruit develop his impression and acquire his kit.  We are widely respected in the artillery reenacting community for our attention to period drill, and expect every Ferguson's recruit to share our dedication to its accurate presentation; no unit looks better serving its cannon than ours, and none are more historically accurate.