Ferguson's SC Artillery Company


                                                               Who can join Ferguson's Artillery?

Fergusons's Artillery Company does not discriminate on any basis, but our members' roles must be consistent with our aim of an accurate representation of history.  We are a family friendly unit, and make every effort to accomodate our loved ones.  Children have grown up in Ferguson's Artillery, going from wooden swords and cap guns to manning the cannon as they mature.  We believe that for kids, reenacting is a healthy, outdoors activity which strengthens both mind and body, encourages social skills, and focuses their attention without the constant competition and interruption of electronic media.  Our ladies do not wear uniforms nor take to the battlefield, but rather portray civilians engaged in the same activities which were common in the nineteenth century.  That may include caring for the children while the men are in battle, attending the fashion shows and teas held for their benefit at most events, touring the historic homes and gardens which grace many venues, or joining the Palmetto Soldiers Relief Society to provide aid to the troops on campaign.


Our bylaws require a canonneer to be at least sixteen years old to serve on the piece, but younger boys can assist at positions of less responsibility.  We encourage young men as recruits, since many of the older reenactors seen on today's battlefields would have been discharged from the Army as "overage."