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Ferguson's SC Artillery Company is the oldest artillery reenacting unit in South Carolina.  It's purpose is to participate in and promote historical and educational events of America's War Between the States for the edification and enjoyment of its members and the public .  Its members portray and recreate the life and times of the American artilleryman of the 1861 to 1865 period, by their participation in battle reenactments, living histories, parades, and memorial ceremonies.    Ferguson's SC Artillery Company is affiliated with the Palmetto Battalion, which is a confederation of South Carolina reenacting units.  Ferguson's is a nonprofit, incorporated organization by virtue of its educational aim, and as such, donations and expenses enjoy tax exempt status to the extent allowed by law.

The members of Ferguson's Artillery live in the Carolinas and Georgia, and the majority of its activities occur in South Carolina and the adjacent states.  Its members vote on which events will be on the yearly calendar, which might include large, more distant reenactments such as the Battles of Gettysburg, Sharpsburg, Manassas, Shiloh, Franklin or Chickamauga.  Our local events often include the Battles of Aiken, Rivers Bridge, the Columns, Columbia, Brattonsville and Secessionville.  We also participate in Veteran's Day and Christmas parades, museum displays, graveside memorials and educational programs at schools and heritage events.  Ferguson's Artillery is a regular guest "percussionist" with the Greenville Symphony Orchestra's July 4th performance of the "1812 Overture." 

Recruits are always welcome to Ferguson's Artillery.  We invite you to visit with us at a reenactment, and if you enjoy the life of an artilleryman, we will help you get outfitted.  A recruit is probationary until he has attended several events, and once voted into Ferguson's, he is a full member with all rights and privileges.  Our annual dues include membership in the Palmetto Battalion; membership in the Battalion provides liability insurance, the right to elect its leadership, and free or reduced registration fees at events which are on the Battalion calendar.